Photographs by

Patricia Baillie



A gentle evening rainbow over Blackwattle Bay.

Blackwattle Bay, in the inner west of Sydney, has a waterfront path for cyclists, walkers - and dogs. In the evening the city buildings light up with the late rays of the sun, at night the lights reflect in the deep blue of the Bay, Anzac Bridge guards the Bay entrance. On holiday weekends the Bay is crowded with yachts, flying national flags, hanging out crew washing, up the mast doing repairs. Always there are dinghys, dragon boats, tourist boats, and twice a week the bulk carrier Claudia, which at 3300 tonnes dwarfs the rest. The Bay and the path are lively, but there is also a sense of peace. It is a privilege to live here.


photo 2

Quietly reading by the Bay.

Photo 17

A very early calm morning looking across at the city.


  Photo 19

A spectacular sunset view.


Photo 4

Moon rise over the city buildings.

  Photo 5

Yachts on a foggy morning.


photo 8

The waterfront path is used even when it rains.

  Photo 21

Late strollers, with the late afternoon glow of the sun on the city buildings.


Photo 10  

The very last of the light on the city skyline.


  Photo 9

Mark is a dogwalker, well known to all who stroll the path in the evening.


  Photo 9

Family fishing.


photo 12

The Bay shelters small yachts, large container ships ( just beyond Anzac Bridge)...and ...


  Photo 13

... dinghies used by yachties ... and...


Photo 15

dragon boats training in the rain.


  Photo 16

the Australia Day holiday weekend brings many yachts to drop anchor in the Bay.


Photo 20

A working boat, keeping the waters clean.


  Photo 21

A party boat leaving after picking up passengers at the head of the Bay.

  Photo 21

An evening party boat. This one, Harbour Queen, is the most magical of the evening cruise boats.

  Photo 21

Rain across the Bay.

  Photo 21

The Pioneer concrete wharf at the head of the Bay. Claudia can be seen on the left.

  Photo 21

The red boat, Lady Wakehurst, has now been painted white. What a shame. The bulk carrier Claudia is behind.

  Photo 21

Sunset behind Anzac Bridge.

  Photo 21

A rainbow springs from Anzac Bridge.